If you are interested in advertising on the largest WiFi Hotspot network in Cyprus, with multiple targeting capabilities, you can get in touch directly with us.

Here are some ad types:

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 Like (Like Collection)

 E-mail (E-mail Collection)

 Poll (Question Poll)

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Using Marketing Management Tools, boost your business with E-mail campaigns to existing and prospective customers!

Specifically, you can inform your customers about:


  New products

  New services

  Offers & Discounts

  Marketing Campaigns 

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logoecosystemFreee creates a win win Wi-Fi ecosystem coupled with advanced analytics for real time management.

Freee's platform enables your customers to offer guest Wi-Fi access and be rewarded for it by leveraging numerous offerings.

Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, social media and analytics applications, your customers can provide an engaging Wi-Fi experience.