About Us

Freee Wi-Fi is a fast-growing high-tech company, which is active in the field of Marketing & Exploitation of Wi-Fi network with great success.

It has developed a network of "Hotspots", that is to say several points in several countries around the world, which provide free use of existing Wi-Fi, giving access to the Internet with special software, and looks forward to becoming the largest Free Hotspot network in Cyprus .

With the Freee software platform, businesses can access the Internet (with Wi-Fi Login) and gain potential benefits.
Designed to help entrepreneurs strategize or promote / advertise their products and services in an innovative way.

The services provided by the FREEE platform are divided into two main categories:

★ B2B - business to business
★ B2C - business to customer

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something more About Us

logoecosystemFreee creates a win win Wi-Fi ecosystem coupled with advanced analytics for real time management.

Freee's platform enables your customers to offer guest Wi-Fi access and be rewarded for it by leveraging numerous offerings.

Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, social media and analytics applications, your customers can provide an engaging Wi-Fi experience.